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XPS 9570 Battery

If you know where to buy a legit 97 Whr battery, hit me up!

Here are all the replacements that I have tried… 😞

#0 Original Dell battery

  • My laptop originally shipped with the 56Whr battery from factory.
    • For some time it stopped working altogether… then starting working a few weeks after. Weird.
    • It eventually wore out really badly (terrible runtimes) so I was forced to find a replacement. Trouble ensues…
  • I went through 2 generic batteries (below), but both had issues.
    • Due to the generic battery's extra thickness it reduced the depth of the touchpad, so the touchpad became less clicky.
    • Both would NOT fully boot up the laptop without the AC connected - it dies before the Windows 10 login screen.
      • Dell replaced my entire motherboard (!!) just to be sure it wasn't the motherboard.
        • The Unisys technician told me: $190 [for a new genuine 97 Whr battery] isn't too much, you can save that in 2-3 weeks 😂
          • Dell support would not sell me a replacement 97Whr battery part anyway, even though it is 100% fully compatible. Some policy they have about no battery upgrades.

#1 from eBay

crazy victor:

I am having a problem with your battery part. My laptop cannot start with the battery - it will suddenly shut off without the AC adaptor connected.

#2 from eBay


laptop unable to reliably start with the battery. sudden shut down after a few seconds upon pressing the power button. The battery is fully charged.

#3 from EMPR

* I eventually sourced a genuine 97Whr battery through EMPR group. I managed to get a quote using a (sole trader) ABN.

  • Unfortunately EMPR group no longer supply replacement Dell batteries. It was 56Whr AUD$95.96, 97Whr AUD$172.12
    • Unfortunately the genuine battery that I got from EMPR failed shortly after a year too. (Sudden shutdowns on battery power!!)
      • Fortunately EMPR gave me a full refund (minus shipping cost on the initial order delivery I think), WOW!

#4 from AliExpress

My current recommendation is to buy a replacement battery from AliExpress: Just don't use a custom battery charging threshold, and you should be sweet :)

I still have some random sudden shutdowns / not wanting to turn on occasionally which is a bit of a pain.

#5 from ???

And the search continues…

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