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Doing production tech in some sense is an exercise in risk management and crisis aversion.

Video recording tips

Lessons learnt from recording boo-boos… uh, I mean learnt from 'the field' 😉

  • Disable sleep mode
    • or Audacity *will* stop recording (recording will pause)
  • Consider recording using clean HDMI output to a PC, over in-camera recording
    • When doing longer recordings, the Canon DSLR (5D mark iii) will loose about 16 seconds between new files as you record in-camera. For example, this happens whenever the current file goes over the size limit.
  • You don't need a clapperboard, but clapping does help with the syncing process. Record the audio on the DSLR even if you're doing audio via other means, to help you sync!
  • Things to check BEFORE uploading to YouTube:
    • Audio levels
    • Transitions between clips
  • Hold slides for longer, as on playback there will be lag
  • OBS - do a test recording (output may not be FFMPEG, may have duplicate audio inputs…) or you might have to reshoot it all!!!
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